St. Barnabas Senior Secondary School Karujanga in Rwanyena Parish has this Saturday held sports day as inter-colors tournament came to an end with football final competition between blue brigade and yellow brigade. The color brigades participated in various sports activities including Athletics, Netball, football, volleyball and debate.

Purple brigade playing netball with yellow brigade. Purple won the trophy.

The five color brigades – Red, Blue, Purple, Green and Yellow – were all set to battle it out in various events like athletics, netball, football, volleyball and debate. The curtain raiser of the final match was between teachers and the purple brigade of students and it ended in a 1:1 all draw.

The sun was shining bright as the students of St. Barnabas Senior Secondary School Karujanga in Rwanyena Parish gathered at their sports ground for sports day. The excitement was palpable as the inter-color sports competition was about to begin.

Yellow brigade and Blue bridge ready to face each other in football. Blue brigade won 4:3 in penalty shootout to lift the football trophy.

The competition was fierce, with each color brigade cheering on their teammates. In the end, the Blue brigade emerged victorious in football in a penalty shootout by 4:3 after a goalless draw in normal time. They merged unbeaten in the whole football tournament by winning all their four matches. The Red brigade won two trophies in both Debate and Volleyball while the Purple brigade won the volleyball trophy.

The winners were awarded trophies and medals, but more importantly, all the students had learned the value of teamwork, sportsmanship, and healthy competition.

Blue brigade lifting the trophy after winning football tournament. All the winning brigades won a goat and trophy each.

The chairman sports committee Mr. Polly Owoyesigire thanked all the students that participated according to different color brigades. He noted sports day aims at instilling different skills into the students to work on the psycho-motor domain and the cognitive domain. He said sports is one of the ways of instillimg discipline in students because different sports activities have different rules which must be followed to instill discipline.

The school football team for St. Barnabas S.S Karujanga emerged second in the Kabale district post primary sports competitions and the netball team emerged victorious in the district sports competitions. Mr. Polly called upon students to always observe discipline in all spheres of life and this will lead them to success. He congratulated the winning color brigades.

Different trophies lined up to be lifted up by winners.

In his remarks, Mr. Turinawe Alex who is the head teacher thanked God for the gift of life to the students and thanked the Bishop of Kabale Diocese for the program of BAAF towards supporting sports in St. Barnabas S.S. Karujanga. He thanked Fr. Denis Magara for accepting the invitation to be the chief guest on the sports day. He thanked the students for keeping discipline throughout the tournament and that ‘The true winners today are not just the trophy winners, but every student who participated and showed us the spirit of friendship and fair play.’

Fr. Denis Magara, the Religious Advisor in the office of Diocesan Education Office for Kabale Diocese who was the chief guest thanked the school administration for organizing sports competitions so that students could relax their minds and have a short break from books.

I urge you to let cooperation continue prevailing among students despite some winning and others losing, but at the end of the day you still remain one community of St. Barnabas S.S. Karujanga – Fr. Denis Magara.

Fr. Denis Magara addressing student of St. Barnabas S.S Karujanga in their sports day on Saturday.

He conveyed greetings from Bishop Callist Rubaramira and that in the near future, Bishop’s cup would be introduced to bring together schools across Kabale Diocese to compete and have it as a moment to interact with each other.

He requested the school administration to introduce other games which are not yet in school like basketball and badminton. He congratulated the winners and thanked the students for maintaining discipline.

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  1. Ahimbisibwe Innocent

    The day was full of merriment and jollity

  2. Mugisha Robert

    It was really colorful as me together with my blue color lifted football

  3. Abans

    Thanks to Barns community for making us what we are!

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