Kabale Diocese Health department coordinates all health related activities in the six districts of Kabale, Rubanda, Rukiga, Kisoro, Kanungu and Rukungiri that make up Kabale diocese. Its overall mandate is guided by its 5 Year Strategic Plan that focuses on the achievement of equity through increased access to Minimum Health Care Package (MHCP), Quality care, efficiency, accountability and transparency. Kabale Diocese owns 3 Hospitals and 25 active Health Units (level II and III).


The overall goal of the department is to provide good quality services to the people of Kabale diocese so as to make them attain good standards of health in order to live a healthy and reproductive life as stipulated in its mission.

Mission statement

In faithfulness to the Mission of Christ, we provide professional and sustainable health services, through partnerships to enable the population live their life to the full. All the Diocesan Health Facilities are coordinated by the Diocesan Health Coordinator.

Diocesan Hospitals

1. St. Francis Hospital, Mutolere.

2. Karoli Lwanga Hospital, Nyakibale.

3. Our Lady of Good Health Rushoroza Hospital.

NB: Mutolere and Nyakibale Hospitals have training schools, a Public Health Department and are responsible for a health Sub District.

Table Showing Districts and Health Sub-Districts (HSD)

S/N Name of the health centre HSD District
Buhara HCIII Ndorwa east Kabale
Butogota HCII Kinkizi west Kanungu
Green Hill Nkuringo HCIII Rubuguri Kisoro
Hakishenyi HCIII Rubanda west Rubanda
Kahoko HCII Rujumbura Rukungiri
Kakatunda HCIII Rukiga south Rukiga
Kakore HCII Rubanda east Rubanda
Kashekye HCIII Rukiga south Rukiga
Kahoko Rujumbura Rukungiri
10. Kibirizi HCIII Rujumbura Rukungiri
11. Kinanira HCIII Bufumbira north Kisoro
12. Kishanje HCII Rubanda west Rubanda
13. Kitanga HCIII Rukiga North Rukiga
14. Makiro HCIII Kinkizi west Kanungu
15. Maziba HCII Ndorwa east Kabale
16. Muko HCIII Rubanda west Rubanda
17. Ndama HCIII Rujumbura Rukiga
18. Nyagisozi HCIII Bufumbira north Kisoro
19. Nyakashozi HCII Bugangari Rukungiri
20. Nyakishenyi HCIII Rubabo Rukungiri
21. Nyamwegabira HCIII Kinkizi west Kanungu
22. Nyarushanje HCIII Rubabo Rukungiri
23. Rubanda PHC  HCIII Rubanda west Rubanda
24. Rutoma HCII Kebisoni Rukungiri
25. Rwengiri HCIII Bugangari Rukungiri
26. Rwanyena HCIII Ndorwa west Kabale