In general, Liturgy and Catechesis is a Diocesan Pastoral Department that deals with the Sanctifying Office of the Church and Teaching Office of the Church. Its chief aim is to moderate Christian worship and teaching of religion in Kabale Diocese. It deals with the administration of Sacraments, moderation of Liturgical Hymns to be used in liturgy and the Choirs.

In particular, this commission performs the following roles:

  1. The commission is charged with the duty of promoting and preserving of sound Catholic Church Doctrine in the Diocese.
  1. The commission ensures that Liturgical and Catechetical committees from parish to Basic Small Christian Communities (BSCCs) are in place.
  1. In collaboration with the other concerned diocesan departments, the commission ensures that there is proper Formulation and follow-up syllabi for the proper Celebration of Liturgy and Sacraments.
  1. It makes sure that there is Order in Liturgy and the proper Liturgical adaptations and inculturations are made.
  1. The commission organizes workshops, Seminars and on-going formation courses for Pastoral agents in the Diocese.
  1. It is the responsibility of this commission to ensure that Literature on doctrine, Liturgy and Sacraments is made available for use.
  1. This commission must ensure that proper Liturgical Church Music is used and adhered to. In this case, members of this commission ensure that liturgical music composers have undergone training and that their songs have been assessed and approved before they are used in the Liturgy.
  1. The commission, through the director, links-up with Catechetical Training Centre(s) available and make sure Catechists serving in the Diocese are properly trained.
  1. It is the duty of this commission to ensure that there is a Runyankole/Rukiga Missal and Lectionary.
  1. The members of this commission are responsible for sensitizing the faithful and all the people on mode of conduct during liturgical celebrations.


  1. Fr Deusdedit Musinguzi Chairman
  2. Fr. Austin Christmas Director
  3. Fr. Achilles Tumukurate Assistant Director
  4. Fr. Mugumya Placid Bishop’s Secretary and Member
  5. Mr. Ariho Raymond Organizing secretary
  6. Mr. Francis Mvaneza Member
  7. Mr. Joseph Nshekanabo Member
  8. Mr. Felix Nkurunziza Member
  9. Mrs Anisia Ayebare Member
  10. Sr. Beatrice Kenyangi Member


For any concerns in regard to liturgy and catechesis, consult the chairman of the Commission Fr. Deusdedit Musinguzi, on the following contacts:

Telephone: +256787491305/+256701673956