In our lives, what we do, say or even think is often times aimed at a certain goal, objective.  This means that as believers we need to daily pray for the purity of intention in our Christian life.  

Why should we pray for purity of intention?  Someone may do something good (on the outside it is good) but when the intention, the heart with which it is done is not good.  This is the experience of Herod in the Gospel today.   

Herod was anxious to see Jesus. But why??  This is the same experience of Herod at the very moment of the birth of Jesus Christ (Matthew 2:8).  Was it that Herod wanted to worship Jesus the new born King? NO. 

In our love for Jesus Christ, why do we love Him?  Why do you love Jesus? 

It is possible to love Jesus Christ because of the good that He does for us and it is easier to believe when everything is going on well.  Then everyone can believe, everyone can have a positive attitude but what happens when all seems to be dark and hard.   

Herod was puzzled and he was anxious to see Jesus but was it for a good motive? NO. 

We love the blessings of God but do we love the God of the blessings? 

We seek the blessings of God but do we seek the God of the blessings? 

Related Bible verses: Deuteronomy 27:10; Joshua 24:14; John 6:26; 1 Corinthians 16:14. 

Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, You have called us to purity of intention in our Christian life.  We humbly pray that our intentions and thoughts may always be purified by Your grace as we journey to the heavenly Kingdom where You live and reign with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit, always One God forever and ever Amen.