The 40th Parish of Kabale Diocese has been opened by Rt. Rev. Callist Rubaramira, Bishop of Kabale Diocese, a function that took place yesterday, December 2, 2023. This 40th Parish has been curved out of Christ the King Parish Kabale and Kakore Parish to form Muchahi Parish, with patronage of St. Peter, and sot it called St. Peter’s Catholic Parish Muchahi, located in Rushoroza Deanery.

Bishop Callist signing a decree allowing the official opening of St. Peter’s Muchahi Parish yesterday.

In his homily, Bishop Callist said that God was so gracious to Kabale Diocese this year 2023 with a gift of 20 priests, so it’s right and fitting to open new parishes as a sign of gratitude to him. He said so far three new parishes have been opened (St. Paul’s Bucundura Parish in Kitanga Deanery on November 11, St. Peter’s Buyanja Parish in Nyakibale Deanery on November 18, and St. Peter’s Muchahi in Rushoroza Deanery opened on December 2. He also said the 4th parish would be opened in Muhanga Kisoro in Mutolere Deanery on Saturday December 9.

Bishop Callist said Christians of Kabale Diocese must be grateful to God for the gift of faith which they received when became his children in baptism. In Baptism, we became his anointed and he sent us to go and spread the Good News to all ends of the earth and parishes is sign of God’s presence among the people.  This is the missionary aspect of the Catholic Church drawing drawing this mandate from Christ who sent the Apostles out to the world (Matthew 28:19).

Christ is the foundation of our Catholic faith and as pope John Paul II puts it. we are all candidates to sainthood. Let us strive towards sainthood since the parish is a sign of God’s presence among us.  Let us strive towards sainthood since the parish is a sign of God’s presence among us. However, is the Holy Spirit who enables us in this mission, for by ourselves we cannot manage. This Holy Spirit gives us many but different gifts, each for the benefit of all as St. Paul reminds us in his first letter to the Corinthians 12 – Bishop Callist Rubaramira.

Bishop Callist Rubaramira (C) leading Mass at the opening of St. Peter’s Muchahi Parish with Vicar General, Msgr. John Vianney Sunday (R) and Fr. Fred Birungi (L).

Bishop Callist appreciated all the people of Muchahi and outside for turning up in big numbers to grace the function. He also thanked Fr. Fed Birungi, Parish Priest of Christ the King Parish Kabale and the organizing committee for successful preparations of the new parish since they received news that Muchahi was going to be elevated to parish status.

St. Peter’s Catholic Parish Muchahi is already blessed with a number of vocations and priests born from the new parish of St. Peter’s Muchahi include Fr. Pius Tibanyendera (RIP),  Fr. Pius Basigagabo, Fr. Louis Kobusheshe (RIP), Fr. Busingye Christopher,  Fr. Gervase, Fr. Enkyenserikora Pancrasio, Fr. Ignatius Arinaitwe, Fr. Cleophas Magara, Fr. Young Innocent Buregyeya, Fr. Tom, Fr. Fabias Ariganyira and a number of Religious Sisters and Brothers.

St. Peter’s Muchahi Parish Choir singing during the inauguration Mass

Mr. Tumukwasiibwe  Nicodemus Odo, Chairman Parish Council of Christ the King Kabale who also doubles as the Chairperson Laity Council for Kabale Diocese thanked Bishop Callist for the idea of opening up new parishes to bring services closer to the people. He also thanked Parish Priest of Christ the King Kabale and the Parish Council for working hard to prepare Muchahi to attain Parish status. A number of projects had been started by Christ the King Kabale as mother parish of Muchahi for example, construction of priests house, opening a new out station (hiika) of Ihanga, starting the construction of a secondary school among others which he said Muchahi parish should take on up to completion. He also donated a Friesian cow to Muchahi Parish.

Mr. Cyril Mugyenyi, the chairman organizing committee and native of Muchahi parish thanked the Bishop for granting the parish status to Muchahi, for they had started requesting a parish in the 1979’s. He thanked Fr. Fred Birungi and Christ the King Parish Kabale for working hard to see that Muchahi Parish is born. He also expressed gratitude to all the people who contributed to the success of the day. Mr. Cyril he contributed a Friesian cow to the new parish and urged all parishioners to work together and develop Muchahi parish.

Fr. Vincent Ankunda (with microphone), the Parish Priest of St. Peter’s Muchahi Parish with his curate Fr. Anthony Bemera (Left) giving speech.

Rev. Fr. Vincent Ankunda, the Parish Priest of the new parish together with his curate Fr. Bemera Anthony thanked the Bishop for appointing them to Muchahi and giving them the opportunity to serve as pioneer priests. They thanked the parishioners of Muchahi for the welcome they accorded to them and pledged to cooperate with them to develop Muchahi parish.

Hon. Prossy Akampurira Mbabazi Begumisa, Woman MP Rubanda district and Commissioner of Parliament thanked Bishop Callist Rubaramira for bringing services closer to the people and for the program of sustainable development in Kabale Diocese. She also thanked Fr. Birungi Fred and Kabale team for working hard to see that Muchahi Parish is born. contributed tiles worth 10m. Hon. Prossy urged parents to look after their children especially in this holiday, so that they do not go astray. She said children are so precious to the parents and the nation and therefore, should not be left on their own, but need guidance from parents.

Hon. Henry Musasizi addressing the congregation at the opening of St. Peter’s Muchahi parish yesterday.

Speaking as Guest of Honor, Hon. Henry Musasizi who is the State Minister for Finance (General Duties) and MP for Rubanda East thanked Bishop Callist for listening to the plea of the people of Muchahi and granting them Parish status, hence relieving them of long distance to Christ the King Parish Kabale. He expressed gratitude and said Muchahi Parish is the only Parish which is entirely found in Rubanda East Constituency and promised to support it especially in government programs like Parish Development Model (PDM). He contributed 20 million shillings towards the development of Muchahi Parish and wished the parishioners prosperity and cooperation with their leaders so that services could come closer to them.

Hon. Evelyn Kikafunda, president of GEP (seated in blue dress) with Ms. Kyarikunda Justine (President Rotary Club of Kabale) and other invited guests.

Other dignitaries present included Hon. Ampeire Stephen Kasyaba chairman L.C.5 for Rubanda District , Hon. Nelson Nshangabashaija, chairman L.C. 5 for Kabale District, Mr. Sam Evidence Orikunda Deputy RDC for Sheema district, Mr. Isaiah Kanyamahane, RDC Kamwenge district, Hon.  Jacqueline Katabazi, Hon. Evelyn Kikafunda, Mr. Asigariyo Turyagyenda (Chairman Rbuguri Parish Council), Mr. Peter Niwagaba, a prominent businessman in Kabale town among others.

45 million shillings was raised in cash and pledges, 4 cows and and tiles worth 10m all for the development and sustainability of St. Peter’s Catholic Church Muchahi.

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