Kabale Diocesan workers have held their end of year recollection with welcoming of the new Pastoral Coordinator, Rev. Fr. Fidelis Ndagijimana. During Mass which was presided over by Msgr. John Vianney Sunday, Vicar General of Kabale Diocese, the Diocesan workers were appreciated for the work well done in the year 2023. Msgr. John Vianney Sunday in his homily said that the purpose of having the get together was to thank ourselves for the achievements registered in 2023. He thanked the workers for coming together as one family.

We want to thank God for your life, for your knowledge, we thank God for your expertize, and for your zeal to work of Kabale Diocese and we consecrate you to God. We do not take you for granted because your efforts are always indispensable and recognized. Today we also welcome our new Pastoral Coordinator, Rev. Fr. Fidelis Ndagijimana into our community and is your immediate supervisor – Msgr. John Vianney Sunday.


Kabale Diocesan Workers pose for a photo with Vicar General (in chasuble) and the Pastoral Coordinator, Fr. Fidelis Ndagijimana on on the right.

Msgr. John Vianney Sunday preached about holiness and urged the diocesan workers to keep themselves holy as they go for Christmas holidays. He said the parents of Samson and John the Baptist were urged to remain holy because their sons were set aside for special mission, and that everything based on holiness yields good fruits. Therefore, the duty of each worker is not to destroy the other, but rather support and protect each other.

He also thanked Fr. Fidelis, the new Pastoral Coordinator for organizing that the Diocesan workers have a precious time to evaluate themselves as the year ends and also have an opportunity to set new goals for the New Year 2024. He urged the workers to be close to God every time especially in Prayer as Zachariah was in the house of God and his prayer was heard. He encouraged them to have time for God, listen to him and even consult and see if they are still on right track as far as their work is concerned.

Always improve yourselves in order to perform better. Don’t always remain with outdated knowledge and modes of operation. Learn and add something new every day. Support each other to build a community of Kabale Diocesan workers. Be collaborative and work together, listening to each other, being respectful and not rushing to condemn the other – Msgr. John Vianney Sunday.

Mr. Peter Buregyeya, organizing Secretary for Justice and Peace Commission in the name of Diocesan workers expressed gratitude to the Vicar General and Pastoral Coordinator for the opportunity granted for meeting together as all Kabale Diocesan workers. He also thanked Kabale Diocese for offering them an opportunity to serve in different offices. These offices and departments include Caritas, Justice and Peace, Lay Apostolate, Social Communication, Education, Health, Family, Children and Youth, Finance, Vocations, Liturgy and Catechesis, Orphans and Vulnerable children among others.

He informed the Vicar General and Pastoral Coordinator that the diocesan workers have formed an association to bring them together and is called Kabale Diocesan Workers Association which aims at bringing all the workers together in times of joy and sorrow. The Diocesan workers pledged cooperation with the new Pastoral Coordinator who is their immediate supervisor and wished him the very best in this new office.

L-R: Fr. Vincent Byaruhanga, Fr. Placid Mugumya, Fr. Denis Magara, Msgr. John Vianney Sunday, Fr, Fidelis Ndagijimana, Fr. Januario Nomugisha and Fr. Bruno Byomuhangi pose for a photo after Mass with Diocesan workers.

In his remarks, Fr. Fidelis Ndagijimana, the new Pastoral Coordinator for Kabale Diocese thanked God for the gift of the Diocesan workers and he thanked Bishop Callist Rubaramira for giving him an opportunity to serve as the Pastoral Coordinator for the Diocese. He thanked the Diocesan workers for welcoming him into the community and thanked them for their solidarity. He reminded each office/department to remind themselves of the Kabale Diocesan Structures and Policies together with the resolutions of the 2024 Kabale Diocesan Synod which are in the implementation stage.

He used the occasion to inform the workers of the sketch map 2024 that there will be monthly Mass on every first Friday of the month, then departmental meetings every month, quarterly meetings with the Pastoral Coordinator where quarterly performance reports will be presented, spiritual recollection/ retreat at least twice in a year. He also said that they shall be moving together as a team to parishes for different programs and activities.

Above all, he called upon the Diocesan workers to remain committed to serving the people of God in their respective offices and departments. H concluded by wishing everybody a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year 2024. The function was climaxed by luncheon prepared in Rushoroza Pastoral Centre and the workers broke off for Christmas holidays.

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    Thank you for the great work you are doing for the people of Kabale diocese.

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    Praise be to God for the Apostolate.

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