Christians should always strive to do the will of God in humility. This call was made by Rev. Fr. Augustine Tumushime, Rector of St. Paul’s Seminary Rushoroza Kabale while leading Mass for the opening of the Marian month of October and launching of Mariathon in the studio of Radio Maria Uganda Kabale 100.8fm. Fr. Augustine urged people to thank God who enabled them complete the month of September and led ushered them into October, the month of the rosary.

He said the readings of 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time year A invite all people to do the will of God and that they cannot do anything good on their own, unless led by the Spirit of God. God through the Prophet Ezekiel invited the people of Israel to turn away from wickedness, lest they die.

Our model of holiness is Mary. May we look up to her for intercession in this month of October. Jesus was God, but he humbled himself, he was not boastful. His mother Mary too was full of humility. “Waba otarikuhurira noba noyehurira. Obe omuhurizi, otaba omuhuuriizi” – Fr. Augustine Tumushime.

In the Gospel of Matthew 21:28-32, Jesus gives a parable of two sons approached by their father to go and work in the vineyard. The first one says he was not going there, but later went into the vineyard. On the other hand, the second son accepted to go there, but later did not go! Jesus wants to teach us that we have to be humble otherwise we shall fail things. We cannot manage on our own, but need the grace of God and intercession of Blessed Virgin Mary.

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He prayed for Radio Maria to continue being a source of inspiration so that the Christian voice may reach all people and called upon people to support it in all ways especially in this month October since it is non-commercial.

In another similar development, the Spiritual Director of Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Kabale Diocese, rev. Fr. Young Innocent Buregyeya explained why the Catholic Church puts on color Green as liturgical vestments. He said color green means life, and that Jesus calls us have a meaningful life in the spirit. God did not create us in this world as decoration or just as a flower, but to yield and produce fruits. He said this while celebrating Mass to conclude the Life in Spirit Seminar at Jesus the Good Shepherd Community, Kiniogo in Rushoroza Cathedral Parish, Kabale Diocese. He urged participants to keep in the new journey of walking together with the Spirit which they had started.

Today’s readings urge us to do the will of God and that we cannot do anything good on our own, unless led by the Holy Spirit. Though the journey may seem hard and full of challenges, but God will lead you to the end. He urged people to always pray for the spirit of God so that he can lead them towards the love of Holy things. He expressed disappointment with people who usually sleep during Mass – Fr. Young Innocent Buregyeya.

Citing the first reading from the prophet Ezekiel chapter 18, Fr. Young said that if somebody has been in sin and asks God for forgiveness and repentance, that person walks with God in righteousness. You have to let God be in your life, otherwise, you cannot do well by yourself. Blessed is the person who does what God wants. The Blessed Virgin Mary is called blessed because she did the will of God (baryaguma banyete omunyamugisha – Luke 1:46-55).

Jesus was in the form of God, but he humbled himself even to the extent of dying on the cross. But God raised him. Sometimes the apostolate is full of challenges, but keep the eyes fixed on to God. Sometimes God changes our programs for our own good and when one does the will of God, he remains with him till the end. The Gospel of Matthew 1:18-25 shows how God changed the programs of Joseph because he had wanted to divorce Mary in secret, but after God appeared to him, he did as God has told him to do. Also, Matthew 2:11-12 shows how the three wise men (the Magi) were instructed by God not to go back to Herod and they used another way on their journey back home, because Herod wanted to kill the new born king.

Fr. Young invited people to always allow God to lead us. He called on all people to evaluate themselves and if found to be in sin, then one is an enemy of God. You should remove the enmity that could exist between you and God which is brought about by sin. St. Paul’s urges us to have same life as that of Jesus, who though was in form of God, humbled himself like a slave to the extent of dying on the cross.

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