On December 8, 1975, Pope Paul VI in his Apostolic Exhortation on New Evangelization said: “Our century is characterized by the mass media or the means of social communication, and the first proclamation, catechesis or the further deepening of faith cannot do without these means. Through them, evangelical message should reach a vast number of people, but with the capacity of piercing the conscience of each individual, of implanting itself in his heart as though he were the only person being addressed, with all his most individual and personal qualities and evoke an entirely personal adherence and commitment” (Evangelii Nuntiandi, 45). It is from such a background that Radio Maria was born and founded in Erba, Province of Como, in the diocese of Milan, Italy, in 1987.

The World Family of Radio Maria was formed in 1998 out of its subsequent international growth in the 1990s, and pursuant to the 1987 speech by Pope John Paul II in Saint Peter’s Square addressing the need for a new evangelization. The late Emanuele Ferrario (died 2021) was inspired by the Pope’s words to form a new evangelization. He was the founder and president of Radio Maria, Inc., which has since grown into an association of 40 multilingual broadcast operations in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. Overall, Radio Maria operates approximately 1,500 radio transmitters worldwide.

In Uganda Radio Maria was first established in Mbarara Archdiocese in 1996 as a parish radio at Nyamitanga by Rev. Fr. John Baptist Bashobora. Later on, Rev. Fr. John Scalabarini (RIP) began its extension program countrywide and on 1st May 2001, Radio Maria Uganda began to operate in Kampala archdiocese, at Biina Mutungo- Luzira as Headquarters, with Branches in Kampala 103.7Fm, Masaka 94.0Fm, Mbarara 105.4Fm, Fort Portal 104.6Fm, Kabale 100.8Fm, Hoima 90.7Fm, Nebbi 90.5Fm, Gulu 105.7Fm, Lira 91.2Fm, Mbale 101.8Fm and Moroto 105.5Fm. All the stations of Radio Maria in the world are under one umbrella of World Family Association

In collaboration with World Family, Kabale Diocese took up the task of establishing Radio Maria in 2014 following the situational analysis which led to an urgent need that evangelization in the modern era cannot penetrate the modern person and his desires without using modern tools of evangelization as had been put forward by Pope Paul VI in Evangelii Nuntiandi, 45. Bishop Callist Rubaramira worked tirelessly with the then Sr. Immaculate Kyarisiima, Hon. Mary Paula Turyahikayo, Counsel Severino Twinobusingye and Msgr Silverio Twnomigisha, the then Chairman Communications Commission of Kabale Diocese to obtain the frequency 100.8fm that we are currently using.

The first priest director, Rev. Fr. Leopold Mubangizi worked tirelessly and mobilized funds from Christ the King Parish Kabale and Nyamwegabira Parish to renovate the building that was to house Radio Maria. His efforts were not futile and the whole idea of radio Maria was realized on the Feast of Immaculate Conception on December 8, 2017 when it went on airwaves in the local language. That same year (2017), in December. Kabale Diocese hosted the National Youth Conference and was live on Radio Maria. Many people including the youth who could not make it to Rushoroza cathedral grounds were able to listen to radio Maria and follow the different sessions of the conference. Fr. Godius Musinguzi took over the administration of Radio Maria in August 2018 replacing Fr. Leopold Mubangizi and together with staff, have done tremendous work.

Radio Maria serves mainly greater Kabale (Rukiga, Rubanda, Kabale), but also some parts of Kisoro, Kanungu and Rukungiri, some parts of Ankole, parts of Rwanda, Eastern Congo and Northern Tanzania. Plans are underway to extend it to all the parts of Kabale Diocese.

Our identity as Radio Maria is “Love for the Mother of God”. This is the soul of Radio Maria. Without filial love for the Mother of God and the Church, Radio Maria would be an unexplainable reality. The desire to help the HANDMAID OF THE LORD in the work of saving souls lies as the origin of Radio Maria and is the source from which springs ever new energy.

To announce the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every person at every moment and in every place. This is to give the meaning of our existence and hope especially to the marginalized, prisoners, the sick, the elderly and for the conversion of those ruled by the pleasures of the world.

Our mission is to become a “Christian Voice” in the homes of all people, especially the marginalized and downcast ones, through its religious and human promotion programs. The radio aims at bringing the Gospel of Christ, to all people, wherever they may be and in whatever state of human life. Hence, to have a deeper evangelization as demanded by the Church of the Third Millennium.

1. To Evangelize: Radio Maria is to help people to try and find meaning of life in Light of the Good News of Jesus Christ. Across the airwaves, Radio Maria Uganda Kabale proposes to bring reconciliation and peace to hearts, families and society in Kigezi sub region and beyond.
2. To teach: Radio Maria is a Christian voice which addresses itself to all the people of God in all spheres of life, encouraging them in difficult moments of life and to look to the future with confidence. It addresses it attention in a special way to those suffering in body and spirit, the lonely, the poor and the prisoners.
3. To entertain: Radio Maria gives testimony of God’s love for us and the hope of eternal life. With this, we have to sing, rejoice, smile, and praise him with music etc. that is why some programs on Radio Maria like Saturday Count down, Sunday Request, etc are entertainment in nature.

In summary, Radio Maria aims at the following:
• To spread evangelical message through radio programs in line with the doctrine and pastoral needs of the local church.
• To awaken faith in Christ and call to conversion of our generation through prayer and catechetical instructions.
• To revive the spirit of prayer in the hearts of men and women and in the families.
• To promote human values that are necessary in achieving mutual love, respect of human dignity, tolerance and peaceful co-existence in the society.
• To provide a forum for the marginalized to express themselves.
• To respond to the Church’s call and commitment to use the typical mediums of our times to bring the Gospel of Christ to all people, (Vatican II, IM 2 & 13).

1. Marian Spirituality: For the apostolate of Radio Maria to be effective and be of value to souls, all those involved in its mission must be ready to be taught by the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Savior and our Mother. She is given to us as the model of humility, discipleship, obedience and of a loving, trusting, prayerful devotion to the interests of the Heart of the Savior for the good of souls.
2. Divine Providence: Trust in the Divine Providence affords us freedom to evangelize. This Divine Providence is not about sitting and waiting for God to rain manna on our table. It is about realizing that much as we are called to work hard to fulfill the duties entrusted to us, God never fails to support what he has inspired. Our efforts are useless unless supported by Divine Providence.
3. Missionary Spirit: Radio Maria, being a missionary radio is meant to reach out to all the people, with no one excluded. Radio Maria aims at taking that Christian voice to each and every home.
4. Ecclesialty: Faithful the Magisterium of the church (teaching office of the church), Radio Maria does not teach its own opinions but the faith as handed down to us by the apostles through the Pope and bishops.
Voluntary Spirit: The work of conversion belongs to the Holy Spirit. Our work is to render ourselves as instruments ready for the Holy Spirit to use. The spirit of volunteerism helps us to give ourselves freely to the intimations of the Holy Spirit for the salvation of souls.

a) Prayer
b) Human Promotion
c) Christian Formation
d) News and information
e) Music

Our programs follow the structures created by the World Family of Radio Maria. Programs are designed to enable listeners to have daily opportunities to take part in the Church’s life of prayer throughout the day creating their own pattern of work, prayer, instructions and news. These include the Traditional Christian Prayers (Eshaara z’ekisinde), Daily Rosary (morning, afternoon and night) the Canonical Hours (Liturgy of Hours), Daily celebration of Mass, and prayers for the intention of the listeners. It includes instruction in the faith (catechism) which is clear and intelligible to the listeners and which allows time afterwards for listeners question and comments.