Rt. Rev. Callist Rubaramira, Bishop of Kabale Diocese has asked Christians in Kabale District to embark on a journey of spiritual renewal as they commemorate Easter. While delivering his Easter message during Mass on Easter Sunday at Our Lady of Good Shepherd, Rushoroza Cathedral, Bishop Callist pointed out the importance of bonding with Jesus Christ and renewing their life in him. Bishop Callist reminded Christians that the life they have is itself a divine gift bestowed upon humanity out of God’s boundless love, particularly manifested through the Easter celebration.

Quoting from the letter of St. Paul to the Colossians, Bishop Callist said that St. Paul reminds Christians to set their hearts on things that are in heaven, though they are still in the world. They must put aside the old self and put on new flesh. Christ the light who delivered us from darkness into his wonderful light should continue lighting our way and we follow it. St. Paul writing to the Ephesians 2:5,8 says that we celebrate our salvation because of the love and mercy of God to us. It’s a gratuitous gift, a free gift from God. Therefore, those who have been redeemed by Christ should not take their Christian life for granted but are rather called upon to have faith and hope.

In today’s gospel of John, we hear the apostle entering the empty tomb and finding the linens empty, a sign that Jesus set aside the things that could drag or halt him, we too are called upon to go inside our hearts, evaluate ourselves and put aside all that could drag our Christian life. – Bishop Callist about introspection.

Bishop Callist implored Christians to contemplate the aspects of their lives that may hinder their spiritual growth. He urged them to relinquish worldly pleasures and instead focus on cultivating a life grounded on virtues. It is through this that Christians pave the way for their lives to be rejuvenated in Christ, ultimately enabling them to partake of the kingdom of God. He urged Christians to embrace the spirit of renewal, allowing the teachings of Jesus to permeate their existence and guide their actions.

Try to remember the time you have spent as a Catholic, has Easter had an impact on your life or it’s just an annual event? What new gift have I gained from Christ’s resurrection? All that was associated with death, Christ dropped and left them behind, what are you asking Jesus to help you drop and you disassociate yourself with it? What are you personally allowing Christ to detach from you so that you may have newness of life? When the power of Holy Spirit has transformed you, move without haste to impact other lives, by your word and actions. – Bishop Callist on renewal.

During Easter Sunday Mass, there was renewal of baptismal promises, a sign of renouncing sin and renewing commitment to the risen Christ marked by sprinkling of Holy water upon the believers. Bishop Callist thanked the children for turning up in big numbers for Sunday school. He also prayed for the sick ones and all those in need and imparted a solemn blessing upon the congregants.

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