Christians have been urged to put their love into action. This call was made today by the Rt. Rev. Sabino Ocan Odoki, Bishop of Arua Diocese while presiding over Mass to celebrate the national Communications Day at Sacred Heart of Jesus Ediofe Cathedral.

Rt. Rev. Sabino Ocan Odoki (with crosser) together with Bishop Joseph Franzelli (L) giving a blessing the congregation during celebration of 58th World Day of Social Communication at Ediofe Cathedral in Arua.

Bishop Sabino said the only way to effect love is by accompanying it with good good actions. The first teacher about love is God who put this love in practice by creating man out of love and even when man soiled the relationship with his creator, God sent his son out of love to mend the broken relationship. God created out of love, redeemed out of love and continues to sanctify creation out of love.

Clergy attending the communications day at Ediofe Cathedral

Bishop Sabino also said that people reaching out to others is also love put in action. He called out Christians to always reach out to God through prayer as an act of love. He applauded those people who do their work well as an act of love. Doing our work in the family well, Small Christian Communities, and at work place so that other people can get beat services is also love put into action.

Social Communicators of Mbarara Ecclesiastical Province receiving a traditional Communication tool (drum) from Gulu Ecclesiastical Province in Arua Diocese.

Before his Ascension, Jesus instructed his disciples to go into all the nations and spread the good news (Matthew 28:19-20). In the Gospel of St. John, Jesus instructed his disciples to keep his commandments as an act of love (John 14: 15).

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