By Davis Owomugisha, Kampala.

The Catholic Parliamentary Chaplaincy on Thursday 27.6.2024 celebrated the feast day of their patron saint, St. Thomas More, at Parliament with a moving homily delivered by Bishop Callist Rubaramira. The event saw a significant turnout of community members from the Kabale Diocese residing in Kampala, and the KKCRA Choir led the congregation in spirited singing, adding to the event’s joyous atmosphere.

In his homily, Bishop Rubaramira highlighted St. Thomas More as a shining example of courage and steadfast faith. “St. Thomas More stands as a shining example of courage, steadfast in his beliefs even in the face of adversity,” said the bishop. He explained how More’s unwavering faith and conviction led him through numerous challenges, drawing strength from Christ to confront difficult situations. “It wasn’t ordinary human courage that sustained him but the profound strength he derived from Christ,” the bishop emphasized.

Bishop Rubaramira recounted the story of St. Thomas More, who was convicted of treason and beheaded for his firm faith. “St. Thomas More exemplified readiness and devotion, demonstrating a strength beyond ordinary human capability,” he noted. “By heeding Christ’s call and voice, he lived a life dedicated to Christ. This Christ-centered culture guided him to live virtuously, making his life great for Christ.”

Some of the Parliamentarians with Bishop Callist Rubaramira after Mass at Parliament

Bishop Callist also drew parallels between St. Thomas More and the Uganda Martyrs, emphasizing the courage they demonstrated. He encouraged the congregation to make daily choices for Christ and to build a Christ-centered culture in all aspects of their lives. “Similarly, the Uganda Martyrs showed immense courage, inspiring us to make daily choices for Christ and to build a Christ-centered culture in all our endeavors,” he said.

We must not entertain fear, as fear leads to compromising the truth. In today’s gospel, Jesus reassured his disciples that God cares for us in all circumstances, and his love and care will always be with us – Bishop Callist Rubaramira.

The event was graced by the presence of several dignitaries, including the Speaker of Parliament, Anita Annet Among(represented by Minister Baryomunsi), who contributed 100 million UGX towards equipping St. Ignatius University in Kabale. This generous contribution was part of a total of 160 million UGX raised to support the university library, marking a significant milestone for the institution.

The celebration was filled with joy and a sense of community as participants reflected on the themes of courage, faith, and commitment to Christ. Bishop Rubaramira’s words served as a powerful reminder of the importance of standing firm in one’s beliefs and drawing strength from faith, even in the face of challenges. “Blessings to you all,” the bishop concluded, leaving the congregation inspired and uplifted.

St. Augustine KKCRA choir pose for a photo with Bishop Callist Rubaramira after Mass at Parliament on Thursday.

The success of the event was also attributed to the KKCRA Choir, whose inspiring music added a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere to the celebration. The choir’s performance underscored the unity and spiritual strength of the community, reinforcing the message of the homily.

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