A total of 392 candidates have been confirmed into the Catholic faith. The function was held yesterday at parish grounds of Holy Family Parish Buhara during Mass which was presided over by Rt. Rev. Callist Rubaramira, Bishop of Kabale Diocese. During his preaching, Bishop Callist said that God calls each one of us for a vocations. In the bible, Paul testifies how God touched him and that there is nothing impossible for God. There is a song sung by members of the Catholic Charismatic renewal which goes thus: rekura ekyobumbatiire mutima orikwera akwijure meaning that release what you war holding so that the Holy Spirit can fill you. Jesus visits us in different ways, through the sacraments, through his word. Secondly, have time to listen to him, pray to him and get to know what he wants of us. He urged Christians to shun divisionism and segregation because we are one in Christ as St. Paul writes to the Corinthians that we are all members of one body. We break the barriers that divide people but instead build bridges that connect people.

Bishop Callist with Fr. Placid Mugumya (Bishop’s secretary) in front of the grotto of Virgin Mary which he opened yesterday at Buhara Parish as Fr. Silverino Karugaba and Fr. Busingye Christopher look on.

The Bishop reminded Christians that God called them as they are and encouraged them to use their talents that God gave them according to each one’s ability.  Some God gave them give of being parents and reminded them that a family is the domestic church. “Make sure you fulfill your obligations as parents. You have duty of teaching your children religion. You were given a candle, it must remain lighting in your family to your children and even when it blows out, go back to Christ and rekindle it”, said Bishop Callist.

Parents and godparents you have execute your duties as you promised at baptism. Do not wait for the children to first enroll for catechism classes by catechists. You are the first teachers at home. Eve Jesus instructed his apostles to preach the Good News to all ends of the earth, but beginning from Jerusalem, their home area. Prayer books have been printed out and are available. Parents buy these prayer books and teach your children – Bishop Callist Rubaramira.

Bishop thanked the parish administration and reminded the parish council that from the seminar on financial sustainability which was held in May 2023, each parish must start any 3 projects to boost the parish income. He tasked the parish priest and parish standing committee to identify three projects to start and that a team from the Diocese would visit all parishes in January 2024 to inspect the established projects in the parishes. He thanked the parents and encouraged them to strive hard with some projects in order to boost family income.

Bishop Callist opening a grotto of Mary with the statue of Blessed Virgin Mary donated by the family of Pascal Rwakahanda.

Mr. Kihembo Virias, the Chairman Parish Council thanked the Bishop for making a pastoral visit to Buhara parish and confirming 392 candidates into the Catholic faith and opening the grotto of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He thanked the Bishop for the team of priests and the development they are doing in Buhara parish especially completion of the grotto of Mary. He also thanked the family of the late Pascal Rwakahanda for donating a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Buhara Parish. Buhara parish is composed of 17 outstations (hiikas), 9 milukas, 4 Eucharistic centres, 187 Small Christian Communities (obutaagi) and 3120 Catholic families. The parish has tea project, tree plantation and some rentals in Buhara Trading Centre where they get income for the parish. Future plans for the parish include plan to have another Secondary School named St. Paul’s Bugarama Secondary School, acquiring land title for all parish land among others.

The Chairperson L. C. V for Kabale District, Hon. Nshangabashaija Nelson thanked the Bishop for development in the Diocese. He also thanked the parish leadership for what is being done and thanked Hon. Wilfred and Catherine Ndamira for the good work being done in the Kabale District.

L-R: Nshangabashaija Nelson (L.C. 5 Kabale), Hon. Wilfred Niwagaba (MPNdorwa East) and Hon. Catherine Ndamira (Woman MP Kabale) at Buhara parish

Hon. Catherin Ndamira, Woman MP Kabale District Catherine Ndamira thanked the Bishop for confirming the youth into the Catholic faith and also for spearheading sustainable development in Kabale Diocese. She urged the youth to remain steadfast in the faith they have been confirmed into. She implored parents to keep watch over their children especially in the holiday season so that they don’t go astray. Take care of the children and don’t rush them to get married.

Hon. Wilfred Niwagaba, the Ndorwa East legislator and chairman Lands committee for Kabale Diocese thanked the Bishop for developments in the Diocese. He thanked the family of the late Pascal Rwakahanda which was represented by his son Eng. Kato William for donating the statue of BVM to Buhara parish. He requested the parish administration to pick one project for which they will fundraise for the goodness of Buhara parish.

In his remakes, Fr. Karugaba Silverino the parish priest thanked the Bishop for the pastoral visit and thanked him for the developments in Kabale Diocese. He thanked the political leaders for the enormous contributions they always make to Buhara Parish and the Christians of Buhara Parish for cooperating with their parish leaders.

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