Bucundura, the 38th Parish in Kabale Diocese was officially inaugurated and opened on Saturday, November 11, 2023 in a liturgical celebration led by Rt. Rev. Callist Rubaramira, Bishop of Kabale Diocese. Bucundura parish was put under the patronage of St. Paul and henceforth would be called St. Paul’s Bucundura Catholic Parish. In his homily, Bishop Callist congratulated the people of Bucundura Parish upon attaining the parish status. He said that Kabale Diocesan administration saw it necessary to grant Bucundura parish status because it was very far from Kitanga Parish, from which it was curved. Kitanga was granted Parish status in 1935 and put under the patronage of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament and Bucundura started in 1936 as an out station (hiika). He said that granting a parish status is just not a style as in the political set up.

He said attaining parish status is a sign of growth in faith. Quoting the first letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians, the Bishop said that Paul reminds Christians that they are a house of God. Therefore receiving parish status is a sign that we have grown in faith and that you accepted to be a dwelling of God, and temple of the Holy Spirit whom we received and baptism and confirmation. He said to know that the faith of the people has grown will be viewed from the reception of the sacrament of Eucharist.

Fr. Herbert, if you consecrate a full ciborium of the Blessed Eucharist and Christians do not consume this blessed sacrament and the ciborium remains full, call me and we close the parish because it is a sign that people have not have grown in faith” – Bishop Callist Rubaramira.

Bishop Callist used the occasion to warn those self-appointed people who move around in people’s homes claiming to pray for people and anoint them, yet anointing is reserved to priests alone. He warned Christians of Bucundura to be shun such people and urged the parishioners of Bucundura to support their priests. He thanked Mr. Kiconco Patrick Katabazi who was the day’s Chief Guest and Dr. Sylivia for supporting the church developments. He urged people to use their talents and support themselves. He announced that the Diocese would contribute 3m to support Bucundura parish.

Bucundura Parish choir singing during Mass at the opening and inauguration of the parish yesterday

The chairperson Parish Council for Kitanga parish Mr. Owaruhanga Gad said Bucundura has 7 out stations (hiikas) curved out of Kitanga and the other one from Nyakishenyi parish making a total of 8 out stations or hiikas. He thanked the Bishop for the program of empowering the Small Christian Communities (enkora y’obutaagi) which has eased and brought services closer to the people. Among the native priests of St. Paul’s Bucundura Parish include Fr. Adrian Katarikawe and Fr. Denis Magara. He thanked Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda who worked hard for Bucundura before retiring as parish priest of Kitanga and was succeeded by Fr. Marius Byamukama also worked hard in preparation of Bucundura. He also thanked Kiconco Patrick for supporting Kafunjo hiika which was part of Nyakishenyi parish, but now has been put under Bucundura parish.

Mr. Tumukwasiibwe Nicodemus Odo, the Chairman Laity for Kabale Diocese who is also born from Bucundura thanked the Bishop for granting Bucundura parish status and contributed 2.5 million shillings plus 7 acres of land with trees to Bucundura parish. He delivered a monstrance which was donated by madam Jacqueline Katabazi from Muko Parish which will be used during the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

Dr. Sylvia Arinaitwe and Mr. Kiconco Patrick Katabazi (chief guest) handing over offertory gifts to Bishop Callist Rubaramira at Bucundura parish yesterday.

Dr. Sylivia Arinaitwe, Deputy Managing Director of National Water and Sewerage Cooperation also thanked the Christians of Bucundura parish and urged them to continue working hard to sustain their families and educating their children. She thanked the Bishop for reminding people to use their talents profitable. She Bucundura parish had received and planted 1500 coffee seedlings from Team Sylvia which she thinks will boost the economic status of the parish in future. She also contributed 2 million shillings cash and her team donated a thurible to use in the liturgical celebrations.

Speaking as the chief guest Kiconco Patrick Katabazi, a renowned lawyer thanked the Bishop that his dream of Bucundura parish has come true. He supported the start of Bucundura parish by roofing the priests’ house. He has also contributed 2m. In a special way, he thanked Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda for the work he did in the preparation of Bucundura parish.

Fr. Herbert Agaba (L) parish Priest of Bucundura parish and his curate Fr. ANthony Nsasiibwe

Fr. Herbert Agaba the new parish priest of St. Paul’s Bucundura parish thanked the Bishop for appointing him to Bucundura parish as parish priest together with Fr. Nsasiibwe Anthony as curate. He thanked all those that have contributed towards the successful function. He also thanked the parishioners of Nyagisozi and Kakore for accompanying them to their new place of appointment. He pledged to cooperate and work together with parishioners of Bucundura and make it a great parish. He welcomed Kafunjo hiika which was curved out of Nyakishenyi parish. He instructed all catechists to remain in the hiikas until they meet for new appointments and that soon a meeting would be convened to elect parish council.

Other guests at the function included Hon. Kamusiime Caroline Muhwezi (Woman MP Rukiga), Mr. Robert Kakwerere (chairperson L.C. 5 Rukiga), Mr. Kamusiime Zadok (deputy RDC Rukiga) among others.

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    I am happy for the new parishes being put in place


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