• We encounter Christ at Mass in the Bread and Wine
  • Everyone is welcome for Mass - even the Children.
  • Ours is a Church of Love, Peace and Hope.
  • Our Church is a universal Church. It is the Catholic Church.
  • Our People Trek Long Distances to come for Mass
  • And once at Mass, we dance and praise our Lord Jesus
  • We Worship and Adore Him for He alone is God.
  • During Mass, we also offer our gifts to God in thanksgiving
  • We sing and shout for the Lord for He set us free. Alleluia!!
  • Our Diocese is led by Our Bishop - Rt.Rev Bihsop Callist
  • Assisted by committed, determined and faithful Priests
  • We are inspired by the Uganda Martyrs - Our Heroes!
  • During mass, everyone participates- even the Children.
  • Our Motto and Prayer - "Father, May Your Kingdom Come."


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Health Department

Margaret, Sr. Priscilla, Pius, Peter, Gerald, Mujurizi

Departmental Profile;

Kabale Diocese is made up of several departments including the Health department. This department, like any other diocesan department is governed by the Diocesan Health Board and under the Diocesan health co-ordinator, is responsible for co-ordination of quality heath service delivery in the Diocese. The co-ordination office performs technical activities for health service delivery in the Diocese as well as carrying out day to day operations for the office.


Kabale Diocese owns and runs a total of 26 Healthcare facilities (2 hospitals and 24 lower level health units) as private-not-for-profit institutions. This accounts for 12% of the total health facility inventory in the region and therefore a significant contribution of the Catholic Church to the health service delivery efforts in the region.


These faith-based health facilities provide comprehensive package of services consistent with the Uganda national Minimum Health care package—including preventive, promotive, curative, rehabilitative and to a limited degree palliative care services. The health facilities are key complementary service points to the Government health services.


Similarly the Health Department runs a community based health insurance scheme that aims at increasing access to quality health care for the vulnerable and underserved communities in the region.


A healthy and reconciled life for all individuals, their families and Communities



In faithfulness to the Mission of Christ, we provide Professional and Sustainable Health Services; through partnership to enable the population lives their lives to the full.



  • To coordinate health services in the region in collaboration with all Diocesan health facilities and other stakeholders for efficient and effective service delivery.

  • To consolidate services through strengthening the existing Diocesan health facilities.

  • To promote Professionalism, quality and care through training of personnel to provide quality medical care.

  • To enable equitable sustainability where all people in the community have access to quality health care services.

  • To support integration and cooperation where a sound working relationship with the Governmental institutions and with other health care providers is of paramount importance and will be pursued.


Health Departmental Staff;


Position Held

Sr.Priscilla Birungi Katembeka

Diocesan Health Coordinator.

Mr.Nahabwe Pius Kalanzi

Diocesan Community Health Insurance Coordinator.

Mr. Bwenye Brian

Financial Administrator.

Mr. Mujurizi Gerald


Mr Mugambe Gerald

Social Worker

Mr. Ibingira Peter


Miss Katuutu Margret

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer


“To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of Gold and Silver.

If only you could be responsible for your own health and that of your neighbor, I know you will get a better one”.

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